Tuition + Financial Aid

Paying for education — whatever its scope — can be a challenge. Rest assured, when you choose Houlton, you have a team of experienced financial aid counselors working on your behalf.

General Program Tuition

Below is an overview of the tuition costs for Houlton. For exact the exact cost of a particular program, please visit our Programs page.

Program Type Payment Method Total Program Tuition
Certificate Program Pay Total Due $1,650
Certificate Program Pay By Session $1,950
Professional Series Pay Total Due $700 – $900
Single Courses Pay Total Due $100 – $500

We’re Here to Help

Our office assists learners in identifying sources of financial aid to help meet the cost of a quality education. We realize that you are taking an important step in your life, one that is exciting yet challenging. Since you have many other things to consider as you prepare for your program, we want to help make your financial aid experience as smooth as possible.

While the primary responsibility for your education rests with you, we will assist you in identifying additional financial aid resources. We are committed to helping learners find ways to make Houlton affordable. Our financial aid programs help learners meet and plan for program costs.

Please contact a Learner Support Representative to assist you in your financial planning:

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