Admissions Office

Interested in a program at Houlton? Our unique partnership model offers you the opportunity to learn a discipline from the foremost experts and institutions. Houlton faculty are renowned experts in their respective fields and are committed to your success. We offer a streamlined application process, admission support and resources to help you make the right decision for your education.

Certificate Programs

Houlton’s Certificate Programs offer a disciplined continuation to your education. Most certificate program learners have completed a Bachelor’s degree. These programs provide a highly personalized online learning environment, high instructor engagement, academic rigor, partner participation, amazing technology, and practical application.

Certificate programs start every six weeks. Apply now for the next session.

Professional Series Programs

Houlton’s Professional Series are very focused 3-5 course programs. These programs are generally completed in six weeks (for the ambitious) or in two 6-week sessions. Learners in a professional series are generally working professionals looking for a competitive edge or a practical skill set.

Professional Series programs start every six weeks. Sign-up now for the next session.

Single Course Sign-ups

Houlton offers the ability to sign-up for single courses without an application. This is a great way to take a specific course that interests you. All courses taken may be applied to a professional series or certificate program.

Additional Programs

Houlton offers a customized programs for cause-driven learners and institutions. These speciality programs are rigorous, specialized, and customized to meet specific goals. If you’re interested in Houlton’s customized programs, please email us at:

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