How Online Classes Work

How Online Classes Work

Never taken an online course before? Don’t worry. Its easy!

We hold your hand the whole way so its okay if you’re not great with technology! Everything is
completely online. First of all, all courses are asynchronous, meaning that you can access your courses when it’s convenient for you each week. There are no prearranged meeting times.

Courses are self-paced and can be completed easily during teacher prep periods, evenings, team
planning meetings, or on the weekends. You can spend as much or as little time as you want
completing activities, sharing and learning! Yet, the courses are taught by expert professors to answer your questions and to guide learning (including Dr. Valerie Paradiz, developer of the ISA curriculum). Individuals are provided teaching assistants, support representatives and technical and customer support. Learners leave the course with a standards-informed Teaching PORTFOLIO and tools for implementing ISA curricula.

Courses include Lectures, Videos, Moderated Discussions, Activities and More: All at Your Own Pace!

Our courses are rich, dynamic and highly,
highly interactive.

Learning is fun! Inside our courses learners have incredible and dynamic conversations around important text and videos:

We also provide teaching assistants, learners support representatives and round-the-clock support to help you succeed!


  • Every week, new content opens up and you can go through the material.
  • You can access previous weeks that have already passed.
  • Everything is online! There’s nothing to download, install or maintain.
  • Courses include discussion boards, chat rooms, videos, lectures, reading, activities.
  • Engage in interactive exercises.
  • Accessible via mobile devices and iPAD
  • We offer complete customer support and a 1-800 number!

About the Center for Integrated Self Advocacy

Headed by renowned curriculum specialist, Dr. Valerie Paradiz, the Center for Integrated Self-Advocacy is a center for training educators, therapists, adult service providers, employers and families who support self-advocacy for those with autism and other cognitive, sensory, social, communication or mobility differences. If you work in an agency that strives to support skills development in self-advocacy guided by the principles of self-determination, you’ve turned to the right resource. If your school needs an effective, organized method for developing person-centered IEP self-advocacy goals or transition plans, or if you’re a teacher or therapist looking for a curriculum that provides lessons and activities in developing greater autonomy in self-regulation and self-advocacy, ISA is for you. All courses address support to ALL disability populations, and provide curricula for addressing National Common Core Teaching Standards, self-advocacy skills assessment, transition planning, IEP, and Adult Services goal development.

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