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Developed through a partnership of leading autism organizations: Autism Research Institute (ARI), Autistic Global Initiative (AGI), and Autism Speaks and designed by a team of 15 experts and supported by world-renowned faculty, this first-of-its-kind course provides best and evidence-based practices for those who support the daily-living needs of transition aged students, young adults and adults with autism and related disabilities, because it’s online, it’s flexible and can meet your needs.

The BILTâ„¢ Course (formerly AGI Residential/Daily Living) will help families as well as Direct Support Providers in private homes, group residential settings, assisted living, agricultural, and intentional communities. Course participants learn approaches and methods to support daily living while developing an individualized portfolio of supports and strategies. This portfolio can be developed, utilized and updated with the network of supporters and the individual with autism in his/her daily living setting.

Have questions? Email or call 1855HOULTON to learn about enrollment. There are also a limited number of scholarships available. Scholarship requests can only be requested and submitted via email to We also work with school district transition programs and agencies!


Autistic Global Initiative of the Autism Research Institute


Valerie Paradiz, PhDJanine Collins, MTS, MSWBrenda Smith Myles, PhD


David Black, PhD
Pediatrics and Developmental Neuroscience Branch National Institutes of Health/NIMH

Anna Hundley
Director, Autism Treatment Center NARPAA Co-Founder

Gary Mesibov, PHD
FPG Child Development Center University of North Carolina

Linda Rogen, BA, MPH
Director of Programs and Services Vista Vocational and Life Skills Center

Paige Rogers
Former Director of Employment Programs Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center

Stephen Shore, EdD
Department of Education, Adelphi University


Nicolas Hegarty, JD
Vice President, Private Wealth Advisor, Goldman Sachs

John Maltby, MSW
Director, Community Support Programs Westchester Institute of Human Development

Laurie Raymond, LCSW
Director of Clinical Services, Port Resources of South Portland Maine

Denise Resnick
Co-Founder Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center

Sue Rubin
Student, Whittier College, Los Angeles


Catherine Boyle
Director, Autism Housing Pathways

Janine Collins, MSW, MTS
Editor and Project Research, Autistic Global Initiative

Lisa Crabtree, PhD
Center for Adults with Autism, Towson University

Margaret Creedon, PhD
Co-Founder, International Autism Network for Individuals with Visual and Hearing Impairments

Judy Endow, MSW
Autistic Global Initiative

Chris Filler, RN
Director, Lifespan Transitions Center, Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence

Robyn Heffelfinger
Autistic Global Initiative

Erika Laurion, MS,CNS
Certified Nutritionist

Brenda Smith Myles, PhD
Editor and Contributor; Consultant, Ziggurat Group

Paul Nussbaum
Autistic Global Initiative

Valerie Paradiz, PhD
Managing Editor and Project Director, Director of Autistic Global Initiative

Kelcey Ryan, BS
Nutritionist and Personal Chef

Judy Shanley, PhD
Director, Student Engagement and Mobility Management, Easter Seals Project ACTION

Donna Smith
Director of Training, Easter Seals Transportation Group

Sondra Williams
Director, Youth Division Autistic Global Initiative
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