Hundreds of millions of people worldwide are considering new careers — some by choice, others by consequence. Most are looking for new careers where there is demand and personal interest, including: healthcare, health education + counseling, nonprofit management, project management and student management. Career-switching most often does not require a new bachelor's degree, but rather a highly-focused certificate in a particular discipline. Houlton's intensive certificate programs are well-designed and delivered with renowned partners. Our programs prepare you with the necessary skills to land your dream job. In the U.S. alone, there are over 35 million baby boomers embarking on a second or third career. For others, additional training will help them become and stay competitive. Houlton is focused on delivering practical skills to passionate learners so that they can land their next dream job.

Certificate Programs

Each of Houlton's programs include a capstone or internship component to ensure that your new skills are applied to a real-world project. Houlton helps you construct a project book to help highlight the skills that you have learned during the program. Houlton offers the following certificate programs:

Professional Series Offering

Houlton also offers highly-focused programs for professionals looking to learn the latest skills in a particular discipline. Houlton current offers the following programs:

Centers | Departments

Houlton builds centers/departments to develop partner-driven knowledge centers of collaboration. Houlton has created the following centers/departments:

  • The Center for Integrated Self-Advocacy
  • Programs Under Development

    Houlton is currently developing programs in the following additional disciplines:

    • Certificate in Direct Care
    • Certificate in Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Certificate in Science Education (High School)
    • Certificate in Gerontology
    • Certificate in Arts Education
    • Certificate in Student Counseling
    • Certificate in Design Project Management
    • Certificate in Project Management
    • Certificate in Project Finance
    • Certificate in Online Marketing
    • Certificate in Web Design
    • Certificate in Sustainability
    • Certificate in Public Relations

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