Houlton Partners with Non-Profits
August 13, 2011

Houlton is a brand new idea in online education. Houlton’s collaborative partnerships provide practical skills to individuals interested in social good: Learners at Houlton partner with educators; educators partner with experts and communities. Everyone benefits from well-managed partnerships. Not only is this a great idea, but we believe that it is the future of The University.

These innovative programs draw upon Houlton’s world-class faculty and its network of expert partners. Houlton is also driving unique innovations in education. For example, learners in the Non-Profit Management certificate program will be able to work collaboratively on real-world problems from actual non-profits as part of one of the program courses: BUS 1399 Professional Practicum: Program Capstone and Portfolio Project for Non-Profit Professionals. Learners in this program will also have career opportunities for professional development and will be given skills to help their professional development in the non-profit arena.

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