Partner Program

Houlton is working to partner with renowned, mission-driven organizations worldwide in order to create high-quality, online courses. Houlton helps organizations and institutions to realize the value of existing knowledge, experience, expertise and the unique opportunity to further their mission by re-envisioning their education programs toward the post-secondary sector.

We create all kinds of courses and programs (academic, vocational, and lifelong learning for adults). Non-profits also benefit from having an online educational option to offer their own constituencies and donors. In this way, everyone can participate!

Nonprofits + Supporting Institutions

We believe that every organization has something to teach the world: a hard-fought expertise; a helpful case study; a defining moment; a powerful exhibition; a progressive methodology. Non-profit and supporting institutions often have the very components that make for a great education – passionate practitioners, repositories of information, and a commitment to bettering society.

A Sustainable Revenue Stream

Our partnership model not only offers partnering organizations with access to new constituencies; it also enables them to tap into a significant and recurring revenue stream that is not dependent upon donors or government grants. There is no cost to partnering institutions whatsoever as revenue is tuition-driven.

Your Expertise… Unlocked.

Houlton’s partnership model also means that a generation of students (undergraduates and professionals) have the opportunity to learn from leading practitioners and advocates in a particular field. TPEC is leading the field in creating application-focused education that prepares learners for leadership and scholarship.

For example, our students’ capstone projects are tied to real-world problems, such that their coursework becomes an exercise in creating social solutions. Our innovative partnership model embodies the essence of social entrepreneurship.

No Upfront Cost. Minimal Effort. Simple Revenue Sharing Model.

The process is easy and structured to require minimal effort and time from partners.

Let’s Talk.

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