November 25, 2013


The ASPCA Fundamentals of Dog Care Course

We are excited to introduce one of the world’s first fully online, expert-led, expert-developed, interactive course on dog care. Developed in collaboration with experts from the ASPCA, This course is focused on the knowledge and competencies necessary in order to navigate the responsibilities of caring for a dog and creating a proper environment for a dog. Access world class experts and a global community of other dog-guardians! You also get a certificate of completion at the end!

Do you want to learn early warning signs about your dog’s health, or how to properly groom your dog? If so, then this dog course is right for you! So you’ve had dogs your whole life? Well, this course is still for you. The curriculum teaches very important skills that will benefit every dog lover; both first-time dog owners as well as experienced dog owners.

Not all dogs are the same and you will need to learn everyday household foods and other items that can be harmful to your dog. The ASPCA Dog Course makes learning easy through interaction with instructors and other course participants. It is completely FLEXIBLE, oh and did I mention it’s FULLY online! Are you still wondering if this course is for you? For more information about dog help tips from our expert trainers; go to our website at: http://aspca.houltoninstitute.com

When does this course meet?

The course is accessible anytime and completely online. The course is asynchronous, meaning that you can access your courses when it’s convenient for you each week. There are NO PREARRANGED MEETING times. You can spend as much or as little time as you want completing activities, sharing and learning!

How does an Online Course work?

The course includes discussions, assignments and assessments, media, flashcards, readings and research, exercises, lectures, as well as content from a national expert – all managed by a professor trained in animal behavior along with a group of renown experts! The course can be done according to your schedule each week. Although there are activities and assessments, they are all completely OPTIONAL. Only do the sections that you want! Also, if you are every confused? Just email us at learnersupport@houltoninstitute.com

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