Frania Shelley-Grielen, MA, MUP
September 9, 2013

Frania graduated from the Masters Program at Hunter College in Animal Behavior and Conservation. She also holds a Masters in Urban Planning from New York University. Frania has worked in multiple and various applied settings with cats, birds, dogs, horses, monkeys, tigers, jaguars, coatimundis, lions and bears. She is a registered therapy animal handler and a certified exotic animal trainer. Frania works as a humane educator and lecturer on animal behavior and currently teaches the Certified Pet Care Technician program at a vocational rehabilitation center for individuals with disabilities. Her work as a behaviorist incorporates positive approaches to facilitate welfare and communication in behavior modification and training. She also consults for select animal rescue groups, such as Animal Haven in Soho and START in New Jersey. Frania has conducted research on parrot behavior at the Queens Zoo, assisted in research projects on feral and domestic cat behavior at the ASPCA and on the evolution and domestication of the horse and the dog in North America at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. She is an expert authority on animal behavior, this is complimented by a skilled facility in Urban Planning. What this means for the urban, suburban and wild animal is along with experienced insight into behavior comes an in-depth understanding of the physical environments we inhabit, especially the ones we build: cities, parks, zoos or sanctuaries. This command of where we live accompanied with how and why we do the things we do offers a highly specialized approach to behavior, environment and the human animal bond.

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