Houlton’s Innovative Programs
January 2, 2013

Houlton is a brand new idea in education. With faculty recruited from around the country, Houlton’s professors are experienced, passionate and committed to helping foster social good and providing educational programs of unmatched quality.

Learners at Houlton will enjoy close faculty interaction (with a learner to faculty ratio that is among the lowest in online education) alongside a rich array of support and enrichment services. Faculty will consist of both standing Houlton faculty, as well as members of Houlton’s network of global partners.

Houlton faculty include recipients of distinguished awards from the National Science Foundation, the Ford Foundation, The Institute for Humane Studies, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the New York Academy of Sciences, and National Academies of Sciences, among others. Houlton’s faculty are expert teachers having garnered teaching awards from teaching centers at Princeton University, Harvard University and renown teacher preparation programs.

Designed using state of the art technologies and methods, Houlton’s courses are engaging, well-designed and fun. Houlton program options include four certificate programs and a professional series program.

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