Tutoring Services

Houlton offers a variety of services to help you succeed. We’ve formed a partnership with some tutoring options to help you succeed. Additional information regarding tutoring services is available inside the Learning Management System.

Peer Tutoring Program

Learning with a peer is often the most effective method of getting help. While many of our classes have group projects, group discussions and other collaborative activities, we know that sometimes you need more focused help to achieve your full potential.

Contact your Learner Support Representative (LearnerSupport@HoultonInstitute.com) to be assigned a peer tutor that has already completed the course you are currently attending.

Professional Tutoring

Sometimes fully grasping the concept requires extra support. We’d recommend that you visit tutor.com or tutorvista.com to provide virtual one-on-one help with your course work.

Contact your Learner Support Representative (LearnerSupport@HoultonInstitute.com) if you have any additional questions regarding tutoring services.

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