Graduation Petition

Houlton learners are encouraged to apply for graduation when they are within 6 months of completing their degree program. Eligible learners are able to apply for graduation by completing the Graduation Application located in the online campus under the ”Forms” option.

The cost to apply is a one-time, nonrefundable fee of $75 per certificate and $200 per degree. The fee covers administrative costs associated with completing the graduation audit, diploma and transcripts processing, and supporting Alumni and Career Service services available to all alumni. It is critical that learners maintain an accurate shipping address in their record at all times.

Learners will incur additional charges for reshipment of misdirected diplomas or transcripts. The application is located in the Resources Folder in the Student Lounge section under “Resources.” Any learner who pursues multiple certificate or degrees must submit separate applications for each credential. The application deadlines are below:

For graduation on:                   Application due no later than:

February 15                                January 1

May 15                                      April 1

August 15                                  July 1

November 15                             October 1


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