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Houlton is committed to the development of skills. Our programs combine the best partnerships with expert instructors in some of the most renowned organizations. Each program uniquely prepares with both the skills you need to succeed in your next job and a portfolio of work that demonstrates your competency and the application of your newly-honed skills.

Our Job is to Help You Get a Job

Houlton’s Career Services Center is here to help educate, encourage and promote you. We help you discover your passion so you can direct that enthusiasm toward opportunities for success. We help you put your best foot forward to succeed.

Company + Organizational Partnerships

Houlton works to foster relationships with a number of employers. We help identify internship and employment opportunities for our learners. We make introductions, host virtual events, and email you about new and exciting opportunities.

Your New Career Partner

Houlton’s Career Center is your new career partner. We believe in you and your future, so we will do our utmost to partner with you so that you come to realize your full potential.

Current Students: Contact Us for Help

Current students may contact the Career Center by email, phone or message us below:



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