Academic Services

At Houlton, we want you to succeed in life; this often requires additional support in particular topics. Houlton has a variety of services to help you complete any of our programs. Our academic services are designed to give you focused subject-level help as well as overall academic planning.

Academic Advising

Your dedicated Learner Support Representatives (LSR) can provide you with advice on courses, course availability, and program completion. Current Learners may also request additional support from their LSR. Please contact your LSR with additional questions:

Tailored Academic Planning

Learners enrolled in programs can access an Academic Plan, which is located in the middle of the tabs at the top of the learning management system. AsĀ  learners complete courses and as any transfer credit is provided, learners are able to update changes to their Academic Plan that reflect their progress.

At any time, all Houlton Learners will be able to view their progress towards their academic goals. All questions regarding the academic plan, contact an an academic advisor:

Everything Else Academic…

Our Learner Handbook covers a lot of other academic topics and questions that you may have regarding dropping courses, disenrolling, suspending program, seeking a refund, among others.

For any other questions you may ask here:



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