Class Support

Houlton provides a variety of course support services for its instructors. Unlike other educational institutions where faculty are left to fend for themselves, Houlton provides services that aim to make a faculty member’s life easier.

Teaching Assistants

Houlton assigns one teaching assistant to each and every course. The teaching assistant is available to help with course¬†administration, grading support and learning management system guidance. Each teaching assistant is well-educated and has knowledge of the course’s subject matter.

Mentoring + Coaching

Houlton’s faculty management team also offers mentoring and coaching of faculty members. We’ve found that constructive feedback from learners as well as teaching assistants and faculty leaders is helpful for translating great teaching skills to an online environment.

Learner Management Discipline + Assistance

Houlton believes that all learner issues should be addressed first by the faculty member. If the faculty member is unable to handle the issue, faculty members are encouraged to engage our faculty leadership team for assistance.

Faculty members may read more about the process in the Learning Management System Faculty Lounge.

Contact Faculty Support Services

You may contact one of our faculty leaders using the following mechanisms:

Phone: 1-855-HOULTON


Contact Form:



Area of Assistance




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