Certificate in eFundraising

Certificate in eFundraising

Online fundraising represents the fastest-growing gifting category for nonprofits. Online giving is growing at over 30% a year. In 2010, online giving represented $5.1 billion dollars in the U.S. according to Blackbaud. eFundraising strategies for nonprofits, political campaigns and relief efforts are critical to these successes.   Perfect for mid-level and future fundraising professionals as well as volunteers in leadership roles looking to enhance their fundraising skills, Houlton's comprehensive certificate provides the perfect foundation in fundraising, with an emphasis on online fundraising methods.┬áThe program starts by outlining the structure of a nonprofit, political action, and relief effort organizations and how development or fundraising functions. Subsequent courses prepare you with real-skills necessary to secure funding through lead generation, lead nurturing, recurring online giving, taking online donors offline, and holding online events.

Salary Expectations

Development directors at nonprofits can expect an annual salary between $84,000 and $151,000.00.  

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