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Applicants under the age of 17

Houlton allows capable and qualified individuals to enroll in courses for personal interest. Accordingly, these students (learners) cannot matriculate into a degree or certificate program directly; however they may be permitted to transfer credit into a program if admitted into a degree or certificate program.

To qualify for concurrent enrollment a high school learner must

  1. contact the Learner Support Representative; and
  2. submit the Houlton Enrollment Waiver Form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Otherwise, all users must be 18 years of age or older- unless prohibited by law. Individuals under the age of 18 without special permissions should not use this site.

Cancellation and Refunds

Houlton refunds 100% of tuition for courses dropped before or during Week 1 of an individual instructor-led course. Refund stipulations are listed below.

  • Students should allow 30 days for the processing of tuition refunds. Depending on the original payment method, refunds may not be issued if there is a past due balance on the account.
  • In some cases, Houlton may apply credits instead to an existing account balance.
  • After a session begins, refunds will be based on the weekly course schedule. The following tables can be used to find the appropriate session-length in which to determine refund amount.

Withdrawal Request Date Refund Percentage

Before or During Week 1                           100%

During Week  2                                           50%

During Weeks 3                                          25%

During Weeks 4 and beyond                   No Refund

  • Learners who wish to submit requests for refunds must communicate with a Learner Support Representative and submit a form.
  • Learners must have already dropped the course before requesting a refund. The computerized date will be the date used to determine the tuition refund percentage using the schedule above. Houlton operates according to Pacific Standard Time (PST) and all times must accommodate this time zone. A “week” begins on Monday and ends on the subsequent Sunday. Any learner who submits tuition payment, and is provided access to the course, but fails to complete the course, and does not complete the withdrawal from said course will receive a grade of “F” and forfeits any refund of tuition.

    Course Prerequisites

    Certain Houlton courses require a prerequisite course to be taken. Learners must have already successfully completed any prerequisite course requirement before registering for any course requiring a prerequisite course. Prerequisite requirements are stipulated in the syllabus.

    Learners may have a prerequisite waived if they are able to provide evidence of successful completion of an equivalent course, or can demonstrate equivalent knowledge. Houlton reserves the right to require additional documentation for this purpose.

    New learners must complete Houlton’s self-led (instructor-supervised) courses. Learners are responsible for investigating the requirements or levels of any course that the learner wished to enroll in at Houlton before attempting to apply for the course.

    Course-Related Technical Requirements

    Learners must have any software, hardware, and Internet connectivity as required in order successful navigate, access and complete Houlton’s online courses. Necessary computer software and hardware is not considered course material.

    Learners who need additional software can access a Learner Support Representative in order to get information about procuring this material at their own cost.

    Houlton encourages the use of Open Source software to the extent to which it allows learners to meet the course and assignment requirements. However, learners must adhere to laws in the use of technology.

    Learners who use Houlton resources (which necessarily include networks, vendor resources and Houlton websites) for the purpose of illegal distribution of copyrighted media or who commit any act of infringement will be sanctioned; this may include removal from the institution. Beyond these sanctions lay civil and also criminal prosecution.

    Additional resources are available in the Student Lounge.

    Grievance Policy

    As an initial resort, learners are encouraged to communicate any grievance with the person(s) involved in the situation(s) in which the grievance occurred. Any learner who feels that this primary attempt at a resolution is not satisfactory can file a grievance by submitting a formal appeal in the form of an Appeals/Grievance form. The form can be sent to The communication should occur as soon as said situation has occurred.

    A Houlton learner who believes that he or she has a grievance with an instructor should communicate with the course instructor in order to find a resolution. However, any learner who feels that this primary attempt at a resolution is not satisfactory may appeal the faculty-member’s decision by submitting a formal appeal in the form of an Appeals/Grievance form. The learner must include (via copy and paste) any communication with the instructor regarding the issue. The form should be sent to

    Unfortunately, grade appeal requests will not be considered for any course(s) in which the course’s end date was more than 12 months from the date of the appeals request.  (The end date of extensions will not be calculated in this 12-month threshold) Houlton is unable to consider any grade appeals which are not submitted in writing using Houlton form that is located in the Student Lounge.

    Learners have an additional option to submit the form either by email or letter by printing out the form from the Student Lounge or requesting the form from a staff member at Houlton. A Houlton representative receives the appeal and will respond to it within 30 days. A decision regarding the appeal will be communicated to the learner.

    State Accrediting Body Disclosure

    As a brand new institution, Houlton is in the process of attaining state approval to operate in California. Such approval indicates that certain minimum standards have been met under the rules and regulations of institutional certification as defined in California. In addition to seeking accreditation from national accreditation agencies, Houlton will be working toward achieving programmatic recognition for its innovative programs. Through Houlton’s network of partners, certain courses meet standards for various professional and continuing education bodies. Houlton’s application for approval has been submitted to the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education. For more information, call the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education at (916) 574-7720, or toll-free at (888) 370-7589, or visit its website at

    Additionally, any student at Houlton should be aware that there is no promise that these courses–certificate or degree programs–will transfer. California’s postsecondary education authorizing body is below:


    California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

    2535 Capitol Oaks Drive, Suite 400

    Sacramento, CA 95798

    (916) 431-6959


    Transfer of Credit, Courses, Programs

    Learners must never assume that credits may be transferred to or from any educational institution. It is required for any learner enrolled at Houlton is required to learn Houlton’s credit transfer policy as well as the policies of any other educational institutions wherein they wish to transfer the credits earned at Houlton; this must be accomplished before a prospective learner completes registration or enrollment at Houlton. Any learner at Houlton should be aware that courses, credit, certificate programs, or degree programs may not transfer as the receiving institution determines the transfer of course/degree credit.

    Beyond courses, credits earned at Houlton may not transfer to another educational institution. Houlton may choose not accept credits earned at another educational or vocational institution. Individuals should obtain confirmation that Houlton will accept any credits which have been earned at another institution prior to enrollment at Houlton, or any of Houlton’s partner programs.

    All learners must must have the initiative to contact any educational institutions wherein they wish to transfer credits earned at Houlton. They must themselves determine with the concerned educational institution if Houlton credits are acceptable for transfer; this must be done prior to enrollment into a course or program at Houlton.

    The ability to ransfer credits from Houlton to transfer may be very limited. Accordingly, credits earned at Houlton may not transfer. In this case, a learner may be compelled to retake courses previously undertaken at Houlton or take additional courses at another educational institution. Any additional questions can be directed to a Learner Support Representative at


    Updated: April 1, 2013

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