Our Vision

Houlton has a bold and aggressive vision.

  • We believe that online education can be rigorous, engaging and ethical.
  • We believe that technology has provided the platforms necessary to achieve this vision.
  • We believe that the world is full of amazing, dynamic knowledge and that this knowledge can be unlocked through connecting the world’s innovative organizations and institutions.

Houlton embodies the following:

Social Good + Social Innovation

More than merely making a commitment towards ethics in online education, Houlton seeks to promote and accelerate social good in the world by fostering an educational environment in which knowledgeable organizations, experts and scholars, and passionate learners comprise an effective reciprocal community. Our aim is for learners and organizations to contribute to social innovations that create social benefit.

Houlton also fosters innovation by education. We create a novel approach towards learning by creating partnerships between progressive organizations and institutions, and a community of learners. It achieves social benefit from its profit-sharing approach, by which Houlton’s partnering organizations and non-profits receive a portion of the tuition fees for each course. Partnering institutions, in turn, are able to develop broader or new programs that help more people.

Rigor + Academic Quality

Houlton offers a high-quality education in support of its mission. Accordingly, Houlton has instituted high standards for its educational programming, partnerships, and institutional services.  Houlton does not provide a quick and easy credential; rather, the institute offers rigorous training, providing learners with the skills they need to create effective change and to become experts in a particular discipline.

Diversity + Inclusion

Houlton embraces diversity and inclusion as an institutional priority and as a part of its commitment to promote and accelerate social good. This commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in its policies, ethics, educational content and practices.

Accountability + Assessment

In order to support its mission, Houlton is committed to an ethos of assessment and accountability. This ethos is manifested institutionally and pedagogically. Houlton encourages assessment – both formative and summative – at all levels in order to empower competent professionals and to help refine and redirect institutional priorities towards alignment with the institute’s mission.

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