Our Advantage

Houlton is a brand new idea in online education: We are a social enterprise and as such, we embody an entirely different approach to learning online. Unlike traditional for-profit universities, Houlton believes learning – at its very essence – is a series of partnerships. Houlton’s collaborative partnerships provide practical skills to individuals interested in social good: Learners at Houlton partner with educators; educators partner with experts and communities. Everyone benefits from well-managed partnerships. Not only is this a great idea, but we believe that it is the future of The University.

Powered By Cause-Driven Organizations.

Houlton takes educational partnerships to the next level. We believe that non-profit organizations, research organizations, museums and other institutions have deep and untapped expertise in specific disciplines. Such expertise should be made available online through a trusted partner.

Houlton brings its considerable resources  – faculty, curriculum expertise, researchers, and learning technology – into a unique partnership with these institutions and organizations. Our unique partnership model brings the expertise of the world’s best cause-driven organizations to a larger, online audience. In exchange for access to knowledge and expertise, these cause-driven organizations receive a percentage of revenue from each class that is taught via the Houlton online campus.

Each Class You Take Makes a Difference.

Passionate learners learn more, faster. By partnering with renowned and expert organizations, we’re able to provide you with real expert experience that contributes to useful skills. Additionally, this partnership helps fund the expansion of the partner’s expertise. This means that you benefit, your peers benefit, and most importantly, the partnering organization benefits.

Tested Skills. Real Practice. Career Advancement

There’s nothing worse than spending time learning a new subject or updating your existing skills only to be jobless at the end. Houlton’s programs are intensive, focused and practical. Every program offers a capstone course dedicated to exercising your newly-learned skills through practical application with a focused organization.

Start with Houlton. Make a Difference.


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