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Dr. Torres

Meet Houlton faculty member, Dr. Torres

She completed her Ph.D. in Biological Anthropology at Yale University and a postdoctoral fellowship in Child Study Center at the Yale School of Medicine. She was most recently a Healthcare Research Manager at Gerson Lehrman Group, a comprehensive financial services company in New York City.

A native of Puerto Rico, she conducted her doctoral research in Head Start centers in Juana Díaz and Cabo Rojo, examining how environmental stress (as represented by varying levels of community violence) affects children’s development. She has also worked in urban schools to develop more effective methods of science education. Her interests are human biology and life history, child development, and social policy. She lends her considerable expertise to Houlton’s programs in education and health

Houlton faculty include recipients of distinguished awards from the National Science Foundation, the Ford Foundation, The Institute for Humane Studies, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the New York Academy of Sciences, and National Academies of Sciences, among others. Houlton’s faculty are expert teachers and scholars having recently garnered awards from programs at Yale and Harvard University. Houlton’s scholars are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with the world.

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